The Annual Cost of Sheep Scab is Around £202M in Great Britain1.  Sheep scab is caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis and is a serious threat to sheep welfare.

Treatment: If it is not possible to use an OP dip, it is vital to choose the correct 3-ML injectable.

Zermex® 20mg/ml LA Solution for Injection for Sheep (2% LA)

  • Offers 60 day scab treatment and prevention from a single injection.
  • No need to treat the whole flock on the same day.
  •  Treated sheep can be returned to the same pasture.
  • Scab control satisfaction guarantee.2

Treat ewes and lambs* as a single injection for long acting scab control or prevention as an alternative to routine dipping.

Sheep scab mites can survive off the sheep for up to 17 days.

Impact of Scab:

  • Rapid weight loss, debilitation
  • Low birth weight of lambs born to affected ewes.
  • Cost of prevention and treatment

It is impossible to be certain if a sheep has sheep scab without a diagnosis.

For further information and advice on the appropriate treatment, please speak to one of our qualified animal health advisors (RAMAs)

*Only treat lambs >15kg and those more than 104 days from slaughter

1. Nixon, EJ, et. al., Vet Record, 2020.

2. All Sheep must be treated with a full dose of  Zermex® 20mg/ml LA Solution
for Injection for Sheep in strict accordance with label instructions, for further
terms and conditions contact Downland Marketing Ltd.

Zermex® 20mg/ml LA Solution for Injection for Sheep contains moxidectin,
POM-VPS. May be prescribed by any Registered Qualified Person (RQP – a
veterinarian, a pharmacist or an appropriately qualified RAMA). For further
information see the SPC, farmers should contact their animal medicines supplier
RAMA, veterinary surgeon or Downland Marketing Ltd, Warwick Mill Business
Centre, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle CA4 8RR. Use medicines responsibly:  Sept-23. MM-28782