The Disinfectant of Choice for Lambing!

Blitz is a versatile disinfectant, effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi. Blitz is also non-hazardous at in-use dilutions. Use Blitz to treat all surfaces of the lambing area, it is safe to re-stock immediately or to spray around ewes and lambs. Re-spray pens between lambing.

The Best Product:

Disinfection for all surfaces and equipment by spraying, fogging, and dipping – pens, cubicles, stables, feeders, drinkers, boxes, grain and potato stores, cages, lorries, trailers, larders, pipes, tanks, clusters, hoof dipping, boot dipping, water system sanitizing, water and milk treatment and whey preservation.

  • Does not cause mis-mothering.
  •  Defra Listed
  • Fast Acting
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Highly Economical Dilution Rates
  •  Outstanding Stability
  • No Toxic By-Products
  • No Rinsing
  • No Resistance
  • Safe to User
  • Patented Formulation
  • No Taint Or Residues
  • No Disposal Problems

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