We offer excellent value for money on our range of Horse products including Equine Feeds, Health Products and Supplements.

As we have qualified SQP staff members we are able to advise on worming treatments tailored to your horses needs, an additional service we can provide is worm count kits.

Horse Feeds

Dengie horse feed

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Dengie they are devoted to creating the best and healthiest horse feeds because they love your horse as much as you do! Fibre is vital for the healthy function of your horse or pony's digestive system and satisfies their need to chew - it's what they're meant to eat!

With their full range of products, from the Alfa-A and Hi-Fi ranges through to our Natural Vitality Supplements, Dengie can help you formulate the right diet for your horse or pony whatever their age or work load.

topspec horse feed

equine-topspecTopSpec is owned by experienced equine nutritionists whose only goal is to achieve excellence in every aspect of equine nutrition, from selection of the highest quality ingredients and horse supplements, creating innovative, excellent formulae, manufacturing to the highest European standards and providing the most comprehensive nutritional advice to clients.

TopSpec products are highly respected throughout the equine industry for their nutritional integrity. These performance feeds, supplements and probitoics have been used successfully by thousands of horse owners to improve the performance, condition and relaxation of their horses and ponies.

baileys horse feed

Small Holder - Equine - Baileys FeedAll the ingredients we use are chosen because we believe they are the best for the horse, many are sourced locally and all are carefully selected for their quality and suitability.

This, along with our meticulous production techniques, means that a bag of Baileys really is different from a bag of feed from another manufacturer; the digestibility is outstanding, so your horse gets more per scoop, with a balance of nutrients that means a Baileys-fed horse stands out with a glossy coat and superb muscle tone.



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EM Vulkamin

Vulkamin is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry.

Clothing & Workwear

We supply a great range of safety and non safety wellingtons and boots as well as overalls and waterproofs.

Poultry Feeds

We have a top quality range of poultry and game bird feeds from Organic to GM free.

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