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Countdown Extra Ready To Use Teat Dip

Iodine Teat Dip 12%. VMD authorised teat dip. High Emollient Level Teat Dip/Spray for Extra Special Teat Condition
• Medicines Act approved Iodophor formulation
• Effective aid in the control of mastitis. It reduces the risk of infection by leaving an antiseptic film of iodine adhering to teats which have been treated by dipping or spraying
• Contains, at 12%, a very high level of Glycerine and Sorbitol as emollients, to help ensure excellent teat condition under all conditions.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre


A ready to use, lactic acid based, filmforming teat disinfectant, formulated to create a highly visible, durable barrier. This works as an easy indicator for herdsmen to ensure that all their cows’ teats have been correctly dipped and protected between milking sessions.

OPTI-FILM has been extensively tested and Passes EN 1656, proving its effectiveness as a bactericide against a range of mastitis causing organisms. The barrier film acts as a shield to protect the teat end against bacteria found in dirt and slurry. OPTI-FILM contains eight specially selected, high quality ingredients. It is important to remember that healthy, uncracked teats harbour far less bacteria and the combination of the humectant, keratolytic and moisturising properties of lactic acid, allantoin and glycerine encourage skin repair and prevent dry and damaged teats.

All Season Hexodip

Chlorhexidine ready to use teat disinfectant. 10% Glycerine for good skin conditioning, suitable for use as a dip or a spray. Bactericidal (passes EN1656).


Size: 25 Litre


Fast Acting R.T.U. Pre-Dip & Spray.
•A ready to use Iodophor-based solution which should be used to prepare cows teats before milking.
•Bactericidal – passes EN1656.
•Fast acting formulation – Only 15 seconds contact time needed.
•Helps to maintain low Bactoscans.
•Kills major mastitis causing bacteria picked up on cows’ teats from the environment.
•May be dipped or sprayed.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre


PVP Duo-Care

Ready to use conditioning teat disinfectant. PVP Duo-Care contains a dual active disinfection source including PVP Iodine. Its dark brown colour helps to ensure full effective coverage of the teat skin to help provide protection against environmental bacteria. It has been laboratory tested and passed EN2656 showing that is effective against mastitis causing organisms. PVP Duo-Care contains the skin conditioner and healer Allantoin, it also contains a high level of emollient to help soften the skin and reduce cracks and crevices where bacteria may multiply.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre


Countdown 1:4 Teat Dip

VMD Authorised teat dip. High Emollient Teat Dip & Spray Concentrate. Medicines Act approved Iodophor formulation. It is unique in that it contains 45% Glycerine & Sorbitol, which gives an optimum 9% Glycerine & Sorbitol when diluted. Helps maintain superb teat condition all year round.


Size: 20 Litre / 200 Litre

Total Farm Disinfectant

Multi-Purpose Broad Spectrum Iodophor. An extremely powerful and fast acting
concentrated. DEFRA Approved iodophor disinfectant.


Size: 5 Litre / 25 Litre


Alkaline Circulation & DX Tank Cleaner
Powerful caustic/chlorine based liquid formulation. Fast bactericidal action & residue clearance in
all types of direct expansion and insulated bulk milk holding tanks and milking parlours.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre

Pipe Clean

Pipeline Cleaner & Sanitiser. Economical caustic / chlorine based liquid circulation cleaner. Fast bactericidal action & residue clearance.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre

Milkstone Remover

For Milkstone Removal & Prevention. A specially formulated, concentrated, low foaming liquid for descaling & removing milkstone from pipelines, equipment & bulk tanks in the dairy industry.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre / 1000 Litre


Acid Cleaner for Bulk Tanks & Pipelines. Strong blend of Methanesulphonic Acid and Surfactants specially formulated for the cleaning, descaling & sanitising all types of bulk tanks and other equipment in dairy milking parlours.


Size: 25 Litre / 200 Litre

Robo Blue

Alkaline Circulation Cleaner for Use with Automated Milking Equipment.

  • Suitable for use with all parlours, robotic / electronic systems and bulk milk tanks
  • Low foaming formulation
  • Effective in hard or soft water

Robo Red

Acid Cleaner for the Descaling of Automated Milking Equipment.

  • Suitable for removing Milkstone and scale deposits from all types of robotic milking systems, pipelines, bulk milk tanks and equipment
  • Low foaming formulation
  • Fast acting acid-based formulation

Fresh Start Elite

A top of the range skimmed milk based product, which is ideal to promote early bloom and a healthy looking calf. With Skim milk and omega 3 for increased calf health, on busy dairy farms calving everyday, Fresh Start Elite is the ideal product to maintain health and performance.

Fresh Start Elite is made using evaporated milk that is spray dried to ensure quick mixing
and ease of digestion. We recommend using clean feeding utensils. Feed according to the
instructions on the back of the bag. When temperatures during the day fall below 10°C
in wet, damp weather and 5°C during cold, dry weather offer calves an extra 50-75g milk
powder per feed. There is no need to increase the volume of liquid fed.

Size: 20 Kg

Fresh Start Supreme

An abunance of milk protein and omega 3 for better calf health

Size: 20 Kg

Fresh Start heifer – Concentrated Milk for Heifers.

• 100% milk protein
• Designed to be fed to dairy heifer replacements after colostrum feeding.
• High oil and low lactose levels allow Fresh Start Heifer to be fed at lower levels than other calf milks.
• High in vitamin C to improve immune system.
Feeding lower milk replacer rates result in calves eating more dry feed, increasing rumen development and therefore reducing weaning age.

Milkers Gloves


Product Information

  • Type: Powder free
  • Material: Nitrile
  • Quality Standards: EN455 Parts 1 & 2
  • Further Certification: Manufactured in compliance with EU PPE Class III
  • Features: Made for the Dairy Market, Aids Mastitis Detection, Reduces Bacteria Contamination
  • Colour: Black
  • Length (minimum): 240mm
  • Contact with Chemicals: Yes
  • Contact with Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes


Cubicle Care Products

Farm - Dairy - Vulkamin 2

Vulkamin is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry. In both cubicles and loose housing systems the beneficial properties of Vulcamin are quickly noticed.

A daily application ensures optimal cubicle hygiene contributing to a prevention of cross contamination and mastitis. An extended benefit of using Vulkamin in animal housing is it’s a rich source of nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids. These components feed the soil when the slurry is spread. Vulcamin is part of the EM Agriton System  for sustainable agriculture.


Dairy/Cattle mineral & vitamins Products

Farm - Dairy - mineral bucketPerkins supplies over 800 tons of  mineral buckets and feed supplements per year including organic products to our customers from our extensive range as well as specialised products.

  • Crystalyx Mineral Buckets
  • Downland Mineral Bucket
  • Rumen Buffer
  • Yeasts
  • Hoofcare
  • Silage Corrector
  • Ostrea (oyster Sea-Shell Flour)

Dairy/Cattle boluses

Farm - Dairy - boluses

  • DL Calcium Boluses
  • DL Essential Cattle
  • DL Essential Cattle plus
  • DL Essential Copper
  • Bolus Applicators



Dairy/Cattle Health Products

Dairy - Animal HealthOur wide range of animal health prodcuts enable to make sure we have have what you need at all times.

• Flukicides (e.g. Fasinex, Closamectin, Tribex, Trodax)
• Vaccines (e.g. Blackleg, Heptavac P Plus)
• Pour Ons (e.g. Cydectin, Dectomax, Eprinex)
• Boluses (e.g. Autoworm, Panacur)
• Injections (e.g. Cydectin LA 10%, Virbamec)
• Fly Control (e.g. Click, Flypor, Dysect)



Iodoform Pessaries

IODOFROM PESSARIESAfter calving or lambing use immediately to assist with cases of parturition and abortion.

Iodoform Pessaries provide a sanatised environment within the uterus in which the healthy uterus can naturally return to normal size and funtion.
• Intended for Cattle and Sheep



Farm - Dairy - grassOur supplier strives to be the preferred grass seed partner for farmers dealing with dairy or beef cattle.  Their ambition is to deliver solutions for all situations where grass and clover grass is the best choice from a nutritional and ecomonic point of view.





Farm - SawdustAgri-Dust

Being a growing brand, Agri-dust has now become a growing unique product for dairy farmers all over the country. The unique processing factory ensures that the product is consistent and well packaged

  • The Agri-dust grain size is screened to 3mm or less to product consistency and minimal abrasion to the udders. This helps to ensure that there is no mastitis infections
  • Pre packed 20-21kg bales for easy storage
  • 100% kiln dried material
  • No harmful substances such as MDF
  • Easy to dispense through spreaders
  • Ideally for slurry systems



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EM Vulkamin

Vulkamin is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry.

Clothing & Workwear

We supply a great range of safety and non safety wellingtons and boots as well as overalls and waterproofs.

Poultry Feeds

We have a top quality range of poultry and game bird feeds from Organic to GM free.

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