We offer excellent value for money on our range of Sheep products for farmers including Animal Feeds, Health Products, Supplements, Additives and Accessories.

Lamb Force Lamb Milk


Typically orphan lambs have been reared on milk replacer made with dried cow’s milk but now farmers have a choice as Lamb Force milk replacer is made with ewe milk. Lamb Force is sourced from ewes milked to produce cheeses. The ewe’s milk is carefully dried to maximise the digestibility of the protein and to protect the antibodies in the milk. In the correct formulation the improved flavour and natural antibodies have been shown  to improve lamb growth rates. It is in these proteins, along with a special blend of plant extracts, which give Lamb Force its performance advantage over standard product. Lambs prefer it as it is just like mother’s milk

Sheep Natural Energy – The Natural Choice for Tupping

Tupping can be considered as one of the most critical times of the sheep production cycle, setting the standard for a healthy lamb crop five months down the line.

The main aim at tupping time is to maximise ovulation rate and conception, which impacts on the number of lambs sold per ewe which has a direct effect on profitability.
It is well known that ewe body condition score has a profound effect on breeding success, which ultimately relies on getting nutrition right not just before, but also after mating. The current recommended optimal condition score for hill and lowland ewes is is 3.0 and 3.5 respectively, which should be maintained in the first 5 to 6 weeks after tupping, and don’t forget the rams who should start the season with a BCS of 3.4 – 4.Providing a high energy lick such as Sheep Natural Energy, containing high quality natural protein, will help support ewe fertility and tupping success, which will influence overall lamb output further down the line.

The product also contains a range of essential minerals including; selenium to support fertility, iodine to support foetal development and cobalt to support fertility and lamb vigor plus vitamins required for good reproductive performance, in addition to fish oil which helps support ovulation and potential pregnancy rates.

Supporting tupping success with Sheep Natural Energy:

  • 13.5ME to support ewe condition
  • Fish oil as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids to support ewe and tup fertility
  • Protected zinc to support healthy hooves
  • Selenised yeast and ultra-high vitamin E to support pregnancy rates
  • Offer from 2 weeks pre-tupping for a total of 8 weeks


Sheep - Bolus - BolusSHEEP BOLUSES

  • DL Essential Copper Ewe
  • DL Essential Copper Lamb
  • DL Essential Sheep
  • DL Essentail Lamb
  • Bolus Applicators


Sheep colostrum / MILK POWDER

Sheep - Colostrum - ColostrumLAMB COLOSTRUM / MILK POWDER

  • Lamb Force Premium Colostrum
  • Lamb Force Twin Lamb
  • Lamb Force Milk Powder





Sheep insecticides

Sheep - Insecticide - ZermasectINSECTICIDES

  • Clik Pour On
  • Vetrazin Pour On
  • Paracide 62 Dip
  • Vectocert
  • Crovect
  • Zermasect Pour On






  • DL Optigain with Copper & with no Copper
  • DL Mineral Lick Buzz Off
  • High Energy Feed Block
  • Mag Extra
  • DL Pre-Tupping
  • Min Vit Mineral
  • Eweliq 16% Liquid Feed
  • Magliq 5% Liquid Feed

Please note that the above is only a small part of what we stock.

Sheep specialties / sundries


  • Non Vac Bottles and Teats
  • Syringes
  • Castration Rings
  • Lamb Reviver
  • Lamb Macs
  • Prolapse Ewe Spoon
  • Nylon Ewe Truss
  • Marker Sprays

Please note that the above is only a small part of what we stock.


Sheep Health Products

Our wide range of animal health products enable us to make sure we have have what you need at all times.

• Flukicides (e.g. DL Trilacert 5%, Endo Fluke, Fasinex, Flukiver, Trodax Injection)
• Wormer (e.g. Animec, Endospec 10%)
• Fly Control (e.g. Clik, Vetrazin)




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EM Vulkamin

Vulkamin is rapidly becoming the preferred cubicle bedding powder used in animal husbandry.

Clothing & Workwear

We supply a great range of safety and non safety wellingtons and boots as well as overalls and waterproofs.

Poultry Feeds

We have a top quality range of poultry and game bird feeds from Organic to GM free.

Perkins Ltd are proud suppliers of Downland

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