Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) is an important aid for raising healthy calves and is critical when combating outbreaks of scour and other diseases. A good product is much more than just salt and water and choosing the right product and using it correctly will save lives and improve productivity.

Scour is common in young calves and a significant cause of mortality. Viruses, such as Rotavirus, are a major cause with bacterial infections less common. Scour can also be triggered by feeding practices, such as milk replacers fed at the wrong temperature or concentration, or irregular feeding patterns.

Water by itself is insufficient to correct the dehydration and it’s also necessary to replace
electrolytes and correct the acidosis. That is why a good quality Oral Rehydration Formula is so essential. These contain constituents that work together to support the calves.

Fresh Start Recover Plus+ is for use when more than an electrolyte is needed and is an easy to prepare premium oral rehydration formula to help support calf recovery.  It contains everything essential to help support calf recovery during and after digestive disturbance. It’s highly effective and economically viable.

Fresh Start Recover Plus+ also contains the added benefits of:

• Psyllium, a gelling agent to help slow the passage of fluid through the gut and allow for better nutrient absorption

• B vitamins, to help support production when it is needed most

• Probiotics, to help support repopulation of a healthy gut microbe population.

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) should be started at the first sign of diarrhoea following the instructions on the product and continued for at least 2 days. It used to be common practice to withhold milk during this time but there is no evidence that milk makes the diarrhoea worse, and milk will continue to provide the calf energy. It is best to give the ORT at different times of the day than feeding milk. Fresh water should always be available. If the calf’s condition continues to deteriorate or does not improve in a reasonable time, then veterinary attention should be sort.

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