There are 4 key steps to mixing calf milk replacers:

1. Hygiene

Mixing and feeding equipment cleaned between each feed.

2. Water Temperature

Ensures uniform solution with nutrients in suspension.

3. Mixing

Method and time.

4. Milk Temperature

Ideally presented slightly above calf body temperature at 41-42ºC.

Mixing Instructions:

Feeding recommendations below are guidelines for a calf entering the unit at 40kg live weight and may be decreased or increased proportionally for lighter or heavier calves or when faster growth rates are required.

In addition to milk replacer, always ensure calves have ad libitum access to water from birth and dry feed and roughage after the colostrum phase from day 3 onwards.

1. Feed 750g to 900g per calf per day of calf milk replacer for optimum growth and performance.

2. Add the milk replacer powder to half the required quantity of warm water (45ºC) and mix thoroughly by whisking.

3. Make up to the full quantity of liquid by adding cool or warm water to achieve correct feeding temperature of 41-42ºC and whisk lightly.

4.During cold periods calves require more energy for maintenance and growth. At temperatures below 15ºC an extra 100g of milk replacer per calf per day above the recommendation is suggested.

Suggested Feeding Guidelines:

Bucket feeding twice a day (After colostrum phase from day three onwards to weaning):
For standard growth rates mix 750g of calf milk replacer powder to 5.25 litres of water to make 6litres of calf milk replacer (12.5% solids).

For high growth rates mix 900g of calf milk replacer powder to 5.1 litres of water to make 6 litres of calf milk replacer (15.0% solids).

Suggested feeding programme:

*These guidelines are based on standard growth rate.

For the BEST ADVICE on the most suitable calf milk replacer for your system contact us.