Downland Opti-Film

A ready to use, lactic acid  and salicylic acid based, film-forming teat disinfectant, formulated to create a highly visible, durable barrier. This works as an easy indicator for herdsmen to ensure that all their cows teats have been correctly dipped and protected between milking sessions.

OPTI-FILM has been extensively tested and Passes EN 1656, proving its effectiveness as a bactericide against a range of mastitis causing organisms. The barrier film acts as a shield to protect the teat end against bacteria found in dirt and slurry. OPTI-FILM contains eight specially selected, high quality ingredients. It is important to remember that healthy, uncracked teats harbour far less bacteria and the combination of the humectant, keratolytic and moisturising properties of lactic acid, allantoin and glycerine encourage skin repair and prevent dry and damaged teats.


Size: 25 L/ 200 L

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