Aggers Fresh Cow (Pack of 12)

A dietetic supplementary feed for freshly calved cows as an aid in the reduction of the risk of milk fever and ketosis.

Pack of 12 sachets @ 700g each (now containing 50g of KCI and provides 6 MJ of net energy).

Freshly calved cows have a sudden increased in the demand for glucose at the udder which increases the risk of ketosis. They also have an increased demand for calcium which increases their chance of milk fever. Both clinical and subclinical ketosis or milk fever are risk factors for left displaced abomasums and metritis. Agger’s Fresh Cow can help to reduce these risks associated with early lactation.

Agger’s Fresh Cow used, at the rate of one sachet in 40 litres of water, immediately after rolling can also help to reduce the risk of recurrence of left displaced abomasums.

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