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10% Iodine

Available in 500ML (with trigger dispenser), 1.0 & 2.5L

Adrenacaine (100ml)

An anaesthetic solution for injection.

Aggers Fresh Cow (Pack of 12)

A dietetic supplementary feed for freshly calved cows as an aid in the reduction of the risk of milk fever and ketosis.

Aggers Off Feed (Pack of 10)

Helps stimulate appetite in cattle which have dropped daily feed intake.

Aggers Pro Calcium Drench (Pack of 12)

For prevention of milk fever and treatment of sub-clinical milk fever.

Aggers Restore (Pack of 12)

For cows at risk of dehydration.

Downland Calcium Bolus (Pack of 12)

Helps to manage the calcium status of the herd during and after calving.

Downland Fresh Start Heifer

Concentrated calf milk replacer for heifers

Downland Fresh Start Supreme

An abundance of milk protein and omega 3 for better calf health

Downland Fresh Start Elite

Fresh Start Elite is made using evaporated milk that is spray dried to ensure quick mixing
and ease of digestion

Downland Breathe Rite

Specialist formulation to help keep airways clear and to support a healthy respiratory system.

Downland Buzz Off

Helps repel biting insects and flies at pasture

Downland Dry Cow

Pre-calving preparation for dairy and suckler cows
• Feed from 6 weeks pre-calving

Mag Extra Bucket

Downland Mag Extra

Helps prevent grass staggers.

Downland Min Vit

Feed to all types of stock on grass and forages.

Downland Opti-Lix Cattle Balancer

Opt-Lix Cattle Balancer is a high energy and protein feed tub for dairy and beef cattle on grazing and high forage diets

Downland Opti-Lix High Energy

an extra high energy and protein feed tub for all types of cattle

Downland Opti-Lix Pre-Calver

high specification vitamin-mineral lick for cows during the dry period

Downland Essential Cattle Bolus

Contains optimised levels of Iodine, Selenium and Cobalt.

Downland Essential Cattle+ Bolus

as per our standard bolus but also containing copper for stock on low copper pasture..

Downland Essential Growing Cattle Bolus

A bolus especially formulated for breeding cattle of over 400kg

Downland Essential Growing Cattle+Bolus

Suitable for animals 200kg – 400kg.

Downland Coxicert

Treats lambs and calves and helps to prevent further contamination of the environment.

Downland Premadex Pour On

5 mg/ml POUR-ON Solution Ivermectin

Downland Fresh Start Recover

Fresh Start Recover is an orally administered solution indicated for use during periods of or recovery from diarrhoea.

Downland Fresh Start Premium Calf Colostrum

Fresh Start Premium Calf Colostrum

Downland Zermex 0.5% Pour-On for Cattle

Longest dosing interval; 8-10 weeks with short withdrawal – 14 days.
Higher DLWG means improved productivity.

Downland Fluke and Worm Drench

Downland Flydown

Downland Fresh Start Improve

Maximise calf daily liveweight gain, immune response and gut health .

Downland Bactocert Spray

antiseptic disinfectant spray

Downland Keto Pro

Glucogenic Energy Source for the Reduction of the Risk of Ketosis.

Downland 10 % Iodine

Downland First Aid Lube Gel

Downland Aluminium Spray

External use for animals to cover wounds

Showing all 35 results