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Knife Blade for Tail Docker


Knife Blade for Tail Docker.

Downland Opti-Lix High Energy

an extra high energy and protein feed tub for all types of cattle

Downland Opti-Lix Pre-Calver

high specification vitamin-mineral lick for cows during the dry period

Downland Coxicert

Treats lambs and calves and helps to prevent further contamination of the environment.

Downland Fluke and Worm Drench

Downland Vectocert

When used correctly it will give between 6-8 weeks protection against blowfly strike

Downland Albacert 2.5 L/ 10 L

2.5% Albendazole. is a broad spectrum multi-purpose anthelmintic for the control of mature and developing immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms

Downland Flydown

Downland Lamb Force Premium Colostrum

A complementary water soluble colostrum feeding-stuff for new-born lambs

Downland Bactocert Spray

antiseptic disinfectant spray

Downland Keto Pro

Glucogenic Energy Source for the Reduction of the Risk of Ketosis.

Downland 10 % Iodine

Downland First Aid Lube Gel

Downland Aluminium Spray

External use for animals to cover wounds

Downland Marking Paste

High quality

Downland Zermasect Pour-On for Sheep

Long lasting fly and tick control for sheep which also treats lice.

Showing all 16 results