Downland Opti-Lix Cattle Balancer

Low moisture cattle lick, Opt-Lix Cattle Balancer is a high energy and protein feed tub for dairy and beef cattle on grazing and high forage diets. Ideal for all year round supplementation, especially for growing cattle, bulling heifers and cows to support optimal performance.

Size: 20 kg / 80 kg



  • Helps improve intake and digestibility of grazing and forages.
  • Contains several sources of protein to balance low protein forages and grazing.
  • Little and often intake helps increase saliva production, acting as a natural buffer to help maintain good rumen health.
  • Supplies essential trace elements to balance potential deficiencies common in grazing and forages.
  • Ideal for feeding to growing stock to maintain target daily liveweight gain.
  • Includes three sources of copper, including chelated copper, for better availability especially important for bulling cows and heifers for optimal fertility.

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