Aggers Off Feed (Pack of 10)

Helps stimulate appetite in cattle which have dropped daily feed intake.

Pack of 10 @ 800g Each

Formulated with veterinary experts as an aid to help with the energy and macro-mineral issues commonly associated with inappetance.

It contains calcium propionate which is an energy precursor combined with potassium and magnesium to help address the major macro-minerals.

Malate is included to help restore rumen flora  and pH which can both be disrupted at times of inappetance.

Combined with the Yeast (Saccromyces Cerevisiae)Malate can also help to decrease lactic acid in the rumen, which can be a major factor contributing to appetite suppression when there is overproduction.

Also contains salt to encourage water intake, as inappetant cattle can often be dehydrated and gentian to stimulate salivation.

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