Keto Dairy is a specialist dietetic feed specifically formulated to help reduce the risk of ketosis in dairy cows.

What causes ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic disease affecting dairy cattle and is most commonly observed in cows during early lactation. Excessive fat breakdown due to negative energy balance produces ketone bodies which when produced in large quantities can have negative effects on cow health and production.

What are the symptoms of ketosis?

Reduced milk production, reduced immune function and poor fertility are all associated with subclinical ketosis. Cows with clinical ketosis will show more severe symptoms with lethargy, anorexia and may display abnormal gait. Furthermore, cows experiencing ketosis are at increased risk of developing other transition disorders including displaced abomasum, retained placenta and metritis soon after calving.

Keto Dairy Provides: 

  • Contains both propylene glycol and glycerine which means two different types of glucose precursor are available to the cow as immediately available, palatable sources of energy, as opposed to just the one source provided by MPG. This energy is vital to help fuel and achieve optimal milk production.

  • Contains some additional vitamins which help support overall cow health which are not present in straight MPG. These include Vitamin B12, alongside other B complex vitamins Choline and Niacin, which help support the cow’s energy metabolism and enhances liver function.

  • Provides a good level of Vitamin E, as well as tocopherol-rich plant extracts. These nutrients are both powerful antioxidants which help to support the immune system and maintain overall animal health to help avoid the risk of issues such as mastitis.

  • Contains zinc, a trace element known to help support tissue integrity.

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