Lamb Force Premium Colostrum supplement contains essential protein and energy, antioxidants to nourish the developing immune system and vitamins and minerals to meet the requirements of the neonatal lamb during this vulnerable period. Gives day one nutrition with essential protein and energy and easy mixing ingredients from digestible sources. It is designed to support establishment of a healthy immune system.
Lamb Force Premium Colostrum is source certified EBL, IBR and Johne’s Free.

Made with Pro-Zest it’s balanced fusion of essential Colostrum protein from easily digestible and available sources reducing potential competition for absorption from other non colostrum protein sources. The scanning of product batches for colostrum protein ensures adequate supplementary levels are consistently provided to the newborn lamb.

Why Choose Pro-Zest?

  • High Quality Ingredients.
  • High natural colostrum content- evidenced in every batch by quality scanning.
  • Effective mixing for fast application.

Usually Maternal Colostrum is an adequate source of protection and nutrition for the newborn lamb, however there are instances when this is not possible e.g. poor quality, inadequate quantity produced, presence of disease and an alternative such as Colostrum enhancer or replacement needs to be considered.

Lambs are born without protection against diseases and are reliant on colostrum containing antibodies against pathogens. Colostrum is a highly nutritious energy source which helps the lamb maintain body temperature and survive. Colostrum should be provided at 50ml/kg live weight per feed at birth and every six hours thereafter in the first 24 hours. The three golden Q’s to lamb colostrum feeding are: Quality, Quantity and Quickly.

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