Maximising lamb output with the sale of strong and healthy lambs at a maximum price is the ultimate goal for every sheep producer.

Last summer the high temperatures and drought affected grazing and forage availability around tupping, thus affecting ewe body condition score (BCS) and tupping performance.

This was reflected in this years lambing percentage which in some areas has been estimated to be down by up to 30%. We can’t afford to make the same mistakes this year, Downland have the missing piece to help you solve the tupping puzzle.

Tupping Objectives:

One of the key objectives to prepare for tupping is to ensure ewes are at the ideal body condition score (BCS). It is recommended that lowland and hill ewes are BCS 3.5 and 2.5 respectively when going to the tup. Ideal body condition score at tupping helps:

To ensure ewes are at the correct BCS, preparing for tupping should start around weaning time, ideally 8 to 10 weeks pre-tupping to allow ewes to recover and gain BCS if required. It is estimated that ewes require at least 6 to 8 weeks of good quality grazing (>10.5 ME MJ/kg DM) to gain 1 BCS and considerably more should the required gains be higher.

This year in particular grass growth peaked early May and therefore quality and quantity will be starting to drop. Furthermore, if grazing becomes limited as a result of high summer temperatures and drought then supplementation will be key. Supplementation in the period from weaning through to mating can help support grass utilisation and ensure ewes reach the optimum body condition for tupping.

Downland have a number of products to help support successful tupping. Ewes that need to gain up to 1 BCS on the approach to tupping and have low quality and quantity of grazing should be offered OPTI-BLOX SHEEP ENERGY. Ewes that need to gain condition but have grass available should consider SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY and for ewes that need to maintain BCS, OPTI-LIX HIGH ENERGY is recommended.

Opti-Blox Sheep Energy:

Extra energy feedblock recommended for POOR BCS.

• 18% protein, 12ME MJ/Kg DM

• Minerals, vitamins and trace elements, to support animal health and performance

• Availa selenium and zinc – highly available sources of protected trace elements to help improve lambing percentages

Sheep Natural Energy:

Very high energy density and natural protein feed bucket recommended for POOR FORAGE.

• 16.5% protein,13.5ME MJ/kg DM

• Fish oil, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for optimal fertility and lamb vigour

• High levels of vitamin E and selenium for easier lambing and thrifty lamb

Opti-Lix High Energy:

Extra high energy and protein feed lick recommended for GOOD FORAGE

• 12% protein,16ME MJ/kg DM

•Availa selenium and zinc – highly available sources of protected trace elements to help support pregnancy rates, tissue and hoof health

Free Dagging shears:

It’s a perfect time for farmers whilst examining ewes, to not only ensure ideal body condition but also to check on general health and cleanliness.

This season all qualifying purchases of Downland tupping supplements will receive FREE dagging shears*

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