Planning worm control prior to turnout is vital to prevent cattle from becoming infected at grass, which could lead to subsequent production losses.

It’s important to understand when to treat cattle and with what product.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the likely worm burden?
  • When are cattle being turned out?
  • Are they being grazed away from the farm?
  • What are the handling facilities like?
  • Do you want the convenience of treating and handling once?
There are certain situations on farm where protecting your cattle with a long-acting wormer is beneficial:
  • Where there is a potential threat from worms and the animals are being grazed away from the farm with no handling facilities
  • Where stock is not being checked regularly – e.g. on hill land
  • Where pasture is known to be high risk for parasites, but there are no alternative grazing areas
  • Where you are treating strategically to reduce pasture contamination
  • Where you want the convenience of only having to treat and handle once within the season
  • Benefits of protecting your cattle with a long-acting wormer:
  • Offering peace of mind stock are protected.
  • Less stress for animals; they are only handled once.
  • 100% Compliance: Ensuring animals are treated correctly without the risk of missing follow-up doses.


Responsible use of Medicines:                                 
It is important you discuss products and treatment plans with one of our animal health advisors (RAMA) and choose the product most suitable for your herd and the parasite challenge on your farm.

To help prevent resistance it is important to use the product in the correct way and at the correct time.

ZERMEX® 100 mg/ml LA Solution for Injection for Cattle (10% LA) contains moxidectin, POM-VPS. May be prescribed by any Registered Qualified Person (RQP – a veterinarian, a pharmacist or an appropriately qualified RAMA). For further information see the SPC, farmers should contact their animal medicines supplier RAMA, veterinary surgeon or Downland Marketing Ltd, Warwick Mill, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle CA4 8RR. Use medicines responsibly: MM-24611