With tupping fast-approaching, farmers are urged to consider the trace element needs of their sheep as they work to optimise lambing percentages.

Having the correct trace element status in your sheep at pre-tupping is critical to fertility and, ultimately, your lambing percentage.

Sheep need minerals and vitamins for optimum health and to maximise productivity. But often they can be lacking in the appropriate amounts of these trace elements due to a variety of factors ranging from the quality of the grazing ground or feed through to even factors such as the breed.

For example, if the grass quality is poor – as it has been in recent months – you will see a significant drop in lambing percentages because they are missing out on key trace elements.

Many farmers may have issues with trace elements in their sheep but may not be aware that it is impacting tupping.

With the correct amount of trace element nutrition delivered through a bolus, such as Essential Sheep, you can optimise fertility in your ewes and the semen vitality in your rams. Optimum levels also support conception and embryo survival.

The controlled release technology of trace element boluses ensures your ewe’s health and condition are maintained throughout pregnancy, lactation, and recovery. And, unlike other supplementation methods, you are guaranteed your sheep are getting all of the trace elements they need with a slow-release bolus.

By bolusing your sheep ahead of tupping, you also support colostrum quality and increase vitality, giving your lambs the best start in life.

To learn more about how Essential boluses can help to improve your lambing percentages contact us.