Essential Lamb is specially formulated for lambs over 25kg with a fully developed rumen and provides sustained release of trace elements for 4 months. It meets the needs of all classes of modern lambs by giving a daily supply of the trace elements we most commonly see shortfalls in.

Importance of trace elements for lambs:

Cobalt: Important for production of vitamin B12 by rumen micro-organisms which
is used for extracting energy from feed and optimising growth, weight gain and

Selenium: Vital for muscle development and the function of the immune system.

Iodine: Vital for the development of the thyroid gland and production of thyroid
hormones which are involved in controlling metabolic rate and therefore growth.
Especially important in cold weather or when brassica crops are fed because iodine
requirement increases.

Essential Lamb can:

  • Optimise growth rates
  • Help reduce the nutritional stress of weaning and variable grazing


  • At Weaning
  • In-Store Lambs / Over-Wintered Stock
  • In Ewe Replacement Lambs

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