Early season grazed grass is one of the most economical and nutritious feeds for ruminants. By mid-May, it is usually growing well and good gains in lambs and cattle are easily achieved, with nutritive values often higher than many concentrate feeds (up to 24% protein (DM), around 80 D-value and 12.5 ME MJ/kg DM). Adequate grazing cover at this time can be defined as 5 to 6 cm sward height for sheep and 8 to 9cm for cattle. This will ensure there are no restrictions to intake so that animal appetite is satisfied.

However, there can be significant differences between the mineral, vitamin and trace element content of pastures during the grazing season as a result of different soil types, grass varieties, weed content and fertiliser applications. Although only a minor part of the diet, minerals, vitamins and trace elements play an important role in all bodily functions and any deficiencies may reduce production. Offering a free-access supplement containing a full range of minerals, vitamins and trace elements during the grazing season can help make the most of the low-cost summer pasture.

The Downland MIN VIT bucket has been specifically designed to supply what is potentially missing in summer grazing. It contains high levels of all the major minerals, vitamins and trace elements therefore helping to maintain good stock health and optimise performance. Zinc is a key mineral and plays an important role in many biochemical processes and hence a deficiency affects a wide range of body functions. It is involved in the synthesis and metabolism of proteins which makes it essential for skin, bone, hair, wool and foot health. It also plays an important role in wound healing, gut health and the immune system. Levels in forages are frequently low so supplementation is often required, additionally, body stores can be rapidly depleted causing deficiencies to appear quickly.

The Downland MIN VIT bucket contains high levels of zinc including a source of protected zinc which is highly bioavailable.

The Downland MIN VIT bucket is for suitable for all types of stock at grass and is ideal for ewes post-lambing when grass is plentiful.

This grazing season maximise the most economical and nutritious feed on the farm with Downland MIN VIT, a free access bucket supplement to support animal health and production.

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